Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace is the most classic of accessories. At Glam Confidential, we have brought it up-to-date, with a collection of designs that will add some classic glamour to your look. Our pearl necklaces are made from superior quality freshwater pearls in a variety of sizes, and in both white and colour.

Choose a simple, white single-string freshwater pearl necklace that will look perfect with anything, or go for one of our more unusual designs for a modern, innovative look. Choose a luxurious pearl scarf, or a multiple-strand necklace made of pearls of different colours and sizes. Whichever pearls you choose to wear, you know that they will make you look and feel gorgeous and glamorous.

Our collection of pearl necklaces includes both statement pieces that will turn heads, and pearls to look perfect in on any occasion. They can be teamed with eveningwear for those big events, or used to add a bit of shine to a more casual look.

Generations of women all over the world have known the value of pearls. They are symbols of femininity and sophistication. What piece of jewellery could have more classic style than a pearl necklace?