Pearl Bracelets

Our pearl bracelets go perfectly with our pearl necklaces, or can be teamed with other jewellery for a contemporary look. They look fabulous on their own too. They are the perfect addition to any glamorous wrist, and a must-have for any woman who loves to look her best.

Like all the most beautiful things, pearls are a natural product, harvested for centuries from the water and treasured. Our pearl bracelets come with either five or eight strings of high-quality, round, white freshwater pearls, fastened with a hallmarked silver clasp. They come in a velvet-lined, solid wood box to keep them safe. Pearls are to be treasured and adored.

A freshwater pearl bracelet from Glam Confidential can be worn with either eveningwear or daywear. They can help keep your evening look gorgeous and luxurious, or work with your day look to keep it fabulously feminine.

A pearl bracelet can add the prefect finish to any outfit. As well as making you look good, wearing pearls is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic. They are a valuable, natural product with generations of history behind them, while still being packed full of contemporary fashion style.