Crystal Encrusted Luxury Pens

Looking your glamorous best is not just about what you wear – it is about what you use, too. Glamour is a lifestyle, keep that glamour going with glam pens from Glam Confidential. These are pens that do not just write – they sparkle and shine.

Choose from a range of crystal-encrusted luxury women’s pens. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or black, these gorgeous pens are perfectly feminine and feel fantastic to use. In the office or at home, make an impact while you write with our crystal pens.

Our glam pens are high-quality rollerball pens that can be refilled, so you can keep using them for years to come. They have silver and gold plated bodies, and lids covered in crystal. Take one of these pens out of your bag, and you will definitely achieve the stunning, head-turning look that you want. Forget those scratched old plastic pens – if you are a glamorous woman, you need a glamorous pen that is as fabulous as you are.

These glam pens are more than just pens – they are jewellery too. What you wear is not all that makes your look. The accessories you use are all part of your image too.