Things We Loved in July 2014 in Fashion and Style

Things We Loved in July 2014 in Fashion and Style

It’s been a busy month in terms of world news, but here at Glam Confidential, we like to celebrate the positives – the most fabulous, fun and funny things that have happened each month. So, without further ado, here are the things we loved in July.


Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Even more jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring than the regular Fashion Week, Haute Couture Week is out of this world. It’s almost impossible to pick favourites from all the catwalk shows and campaigns but here’s a small selection that we adored.

Cara Delavigne for Chanel

Cara Delavigne for Chanel

Frank Sorbier's Gothic chic

Frank Sorbier’s Gothic chic

Elie Saab

Elie Saab. Always Elie Saab.

A bonus mention for Anna Wintour’s perpetually unimpressed face.

Anna Wintour

Lady has seen a lot of Haute Couture and it sure takes something big to impress her!

Beauty News

In the beauty world, Elizabeth Arden had an impressive new release. It’s been 25 years since the iconic brand first launched its Ceramide line for 40+ and 50+ and to celebrate, they’ve just brought out #FlawlessFuture, their first anti-ageing system for women 25+.

It looks as good as the results it promises!

Elizabeth Arden products

Royal Photobombs

The UK has been enjoying the Commonwealth Games this month, but the medals haven’t been the biggest news. The Royal Family have been hitting the headlines for ‘photobombing’ people’s selfies and even the Queen has got in on the action.

Royal Photobomb

Princes Harry and William have also been photobombing innocent bystanders, there’s only Prince Philip left – we bet he’ll find his way into something!

All Cara, All The Time

Cara Delavingne has been super busy this month. Not only has she starred in the Chanel Haute Couture campaign above, but she’s been touting YSL’s new ‘Space Age’ foundation and been announced as the new face of Topshop.

12,000 women have already joined the waiting list for YSL Fusion Foundation, which was apparently inspired by NASA and promises to end cakey makeup forever.

Makeup design

The Topshop news was greeted by Vogue with hopes that she will create her own line, just like Kate Moss before her.

Cara Delevingne

Whether the foundation and clothing line will make your skin and body look like Cara’s remains to be seen!

Twin Peaks 25th Anniversary

With the resurgence of all things 90s in the fashion world, it’s timely that cult TV show Twin Peaks is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. We love this feature on the show’s coolest characters. But Audrey Horne will always be our no. 1!

Audrey Horne

$500,000, three-storey closet

We loved this story on Fashion Fois Gras about Theresa Roemer from Houston who spent half a million dollars building a three-storey, 3,000 square foot closet. That’s bigger than most London apartments and stuffed with Birkin bags, Chanel, Fendi, Louboutin, Tom Ford and many more.

Theresa Roemer and a three-storey, 3,000 square foot closet

Epic closet


What fashion and style stories did we miss in July?

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