Glam Confidential Gets The VIP Treatment At Saks Fifth Avenue

Glam Confidential Gets The VIP Treatment At Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue , Dubai has recently expanded the Glam Confidential product lines being sold at the store and showcasing these products in its special VIP viewing area.

Saks Fifh Avenue

In addition to the Crystal Bags that were previously being stocked at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai the store has added Glam Confidential’s Jet Set Jewelry Range to its collection.


The Jet Set Collection is a range of jewellery items made from bright stones and other natural materials and as the name implies it is aimed at the Jet Set crowd – perfect for when you want to brighten your outfits at an exotic holiday resort.

The Jet Set Collection wonderfully complements the existing range of crystal bags, especially the Animalier collection made up of various animal shaped bags with bold coloured crystals.

Complementing the Jet Set Collection and the Crystal bags, Saks Fifth Avenue has also stocked Glam Confidential’s collection of “The Exclusives” handmade silk kaftans.

Glam Confidential at Saks Fifth Avenue

saks-fifthavenue 4

All of these “Exclusives” silk kaftans are individually handmade, with no Kaftans alike, and in keeping with the Jet Set theme are brightly coloured. Some of these Kaftans are exquisitely embroidered whilst some others are simpler but colourful nevertheless. These Kaftans are equally at home at a formal occasion or around the house and the poolside.

Glam Confidential at Saks

Capping off the Crystal Bags, Jet Set Jewellery Collection and the “Exclusives” Kaftans Saks Fifth Avenue is now also stocking Glam Confidential’s Art Deco range of earrings made from silver, white sapphires and various hard stones such as Turquoise, Kyanite, Agate, Amethyst, Coral, Jade, Chardite and Opals.


Whilst the Art Deco collection is exclusively being sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai, the Crystal Bags, The Exclusives Kaftans and Jet Set Jewellery Collection are also available through various Jumeirah Group resort hotel shops in Dubai and independent boutiques.

The crystal bags are of course also available online and very soon we hope to bring the new Jet Set collection for sale online as well.

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