The 10 Most Stylish TV Shows

The 10 Most Stylish TV Shows

In this modern era, where television shows have the upper hand on most movies, in terms of scope, budgets, and especially costumes, we thought we’d make a little list of our favourite examples of TV show fashion. We could while away hours on box-sets of any of these little slices of TV style heaven!

1. Sex and the City

Sex and the city.

It’s an obvious one, granted. But what kind of list of stylish TV shows would this be if it didn’t include the queen of style, Carrie Bradshaw, in the number one spot? There have been a lot of outfits in this iconic show that we haven’t ‘liked’… but they have all been exquisite examples of high fashion at its most chic, bonkers or bold.

Strangely futuristic, the one above, as despite being quite a few years old now, huge flower corsages have been appearing on catwalks in recent months! Trendsetter and style icon – SJP is the queen.

2. Absolutely Fabulous


Another show actually about fashion (sort of), designer-loving, barely functioning alcoholics¬†Eddie and Patsy were an inspiration to millions in the early 90s… of how not to dress or live your life.

Nineties fashion has been making a huge comeback this year, so perhaps it’s time to bust out the VHS tapes and get some fashion tips… anyone got a VHS player?

3. Pretty Little Liars


A teen crime-drama with some seriously excellent wardrobe – the costume designers clearly have their pulse on the teenage fashion world. The girls always look painfully stylish, but with quirky twists that take it a step ahead of the crowd. We love!

4. Boardwalk Empire


A cast of thoroughly despicable characters it might have, but Boardwalk Empire has some of the best costumes around. Yes, it’s set in the 1920s and most men aren’t going to go for starched collars these days, but everything looks drop-dead glamorous. The ropes of pearls quite often seen on the prohibition-era flappers helps us love it even more!

5. Ugly Betty


They’ve made the eponymous Betty look much less ‘ugly’ in this promo shot, but of course the whole premise of the show is where lumpy, brace-and-glasses-wearing Betty somehow gets herself a fashion magazine internship, at turns impressing and horrifying her fashionista colleagues.

Betty was a kick-ass character if ever we saw one, because personal style most definitely doesn’t need to follow fashion!

6. Girls


An odd choice, you might say, since Girls isn’t known for its high fashion costumes. But it is a quite realistic representation of what ordinary but super-stylish girls-next-door tend to wear. Not to mention Lena Dunham’s personal style is awesome – she doesn’t care what you think and looks fabulous doing it.

7. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

It’s not on any more, but Gossip Girl will forever be influencing the way that teenage girls dressed in the last 6 or so years. Glossy and polished looks for those so young, the show’s cast nonetheless carried off their quirky chic perfectly. Sadly missed!

8. Mad Men

Mad Men

No qualification needed for this show – classic style never goes out of fashion. We were always glad when Joan’s wardrobe didn’t follow the trends as the decade progressed from the flattering late 50s and early 60s styles that worked so well for her figure, into the more shapeless styles of the late 60s.

Don Draper’s wife Megan did pull off the boho-hippy-chic look perfectly though. A must watch for both the saucy plotlines and the costumes!

9. Game of Thrones

Game of thrones

OK, it’s not inspiration for everyday attire, but what’s not to love about the leatherwork, metal accessories, embroidery and earthy-coloured natural fabrics of Game of Thrones? It’s full of strong, powerful female characters and plenty of intrigue – we predict breastplates making a comeback on the catwalks of 2015.

10. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The last word in post-apocalytic chic… alright, now we really are¬†kidding!

What are your favourite examples of tv show fashion? Let us know who we’ve forgotten.

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