Make Statement Jewelry and Accessories Part of Your Signature Style

Make Statement Jewelry and Accessories Part of Your Signature Style

What is a statement piece?

Statement jewelry or accessories are, by definition, pieces that makes a statement and stand out as part of your style.  Such pieces are often times large, bold, or colorful, but are unique to each person in what they wear, how they style them, and how the jewelry or accessory compliments their overall look.

When crafting a signature style, statement jewelry or accessories should speak to you personally, tie in with your general style preferences (classic, funky, sporty, and so on), and will be the focal point of your outfit.

The statement piece can be a variety of accessories, from  bold necklace to a jeweled clutch, a chunky metal watch or bracelet, to an intricate pair of earrings.  Finding the right statement piece for your signature style is easy, and with this detailed guide you will perfect the art of accessorizing and expressing yourself with your style choices.


Rise in popularity

Statement jewelry is nothing new. In fact, it’s old.  Really old.  Some of the earliest pieces that we identify with in culture date back to ancient Egypt.  Picture the stunning princess Cleopatra in your mind.  She’s wearing an elaborate head dress, maybe a jewel encrusted collar necklace, and a fancy solid gold snake bracelet winding around her delicate wrist, isn’t she?

Our modern conceptions of her look are based largely on fact, and her jewels are some of the earliest examples of statement jewelry.



In fact, throughout history we can often look to duchesses, princesses and queens for some of the best examples of statement jewelry.  Whether it’s the Queen’s crown jewels, or an Indian princess on her wedding day, every time we draw inspiration in their bold accessories, we channel our inner royalty and honor their beautiful choices in our own personal, signature styles.

royal jewels


While stunning accessories have always been for the rich and famous, in the 1920’s Coco Chanel changed the face of accessories forever.  By creating some of the first modern costume jewelry, she gave the masses access to baubles to accentuate and express their style, and started the trend that would last and evolve into all of the stunning options we have today.

Coco Chanel


Recent Trends

For 2015  fashion experts are predicting that accessories will continue to be the one the crucial elements that ties together your overall look, and what truly makes your outfit complete.

Keep and eye out for pieces in yellow gold, a varied gemstone color palate reminiscent of the Chanel Paris Couture runway, and bold statement necklaces in a variety of colors and materials to really capture attention and draw focus in an outfit.

Emerging trends to incorporate into your look if you like being on the cutting edge of fashion are thick, chunky wrist cuffs and interesting clutches.  The large, gender neutral watch trend that has been popular will continue, but giving it a little sparkle and glitz with a unique clutch or small bag will become one of the next big things we expect to see this spring.


Celebrity Sightings

Celebrities love wearing statement pieces to amp up their signature style, and at the early-season awards shows we’ve already seen some of 2015’s hottest trends on the Red Carpet.

Check out Sarah Paulson embracing the bold wrist with David Webb’s Night and Day Bracelet (made of carved black onyx links, brilliant-cut diamonds, 18-carat gold and platinum) and two bangles made with black enamel, brilliant-cut diamonds, 18-carat gold and platinum that she sported with her Black and White Valentino at the SAG Awards.

Sarah Paulson


Or what about Emily Blunt’s  gorgeous take with her Lorraine Schwartz floral diamond pendant earrings and a matching bracelet accented with Paraiba tourmalines that we blogged about at the Golden Globes?

Emily Blunt


We loved Lady Gaga’s beautiful white gold and diamond necklace, and how it perfectly complimented her black encrusted dress at the Grammys.  Even more, we loved that she added bold sparkling bracelets and a statement ring to the look.  While for some it might be overkill, on her it was perfection.

Lady Gaga


And who can forget Salma Hayek in her stunning Alexander McQueen gown at the golden globes with her edgy and perfectly complimentary clutch?  We really felt like the bag made that ensemble work.

Salma Hayek


How to wear and pair with your look

When it comes to your personal style, it will be up to you to determine what types of statement pieces work best with your look, and the color scheme that best compliments not only your wardrobe, but your skin tone, hair color and eye color.

Here are a few guidelines to get you started when choosing the right statement accessory to pair with your outfit.



Generally, statement accessories will have a base of either silver (or white gold or platinum), yellow gold, or rose gold.

Silver pairs well with most colors, creating a stark contrast with black, complimenting pastels, purples, pinks and reds perfectly, and enhancing greens and blues.  Silver statement pieces usually feature clear stones with a lot of sparkle, and can be accessories to most every outfit.

Yellow gold has been hugely popular through the last few seasons, and is positioned to continue it’s rise in popularity.  While it compliments most everything like silver, it has a bolder flavor and can create a stunning backdrop for various colors of gems.

Rose gold has a distinct quality all its own, and pairs particularly well with browns, creams and tans.  This unique color metal creates particularly striking pieces when combined with pink gems, and can be a beautiful contrast to blues and greens as well.



Statement accessories are best when they do one of two things, compliment or contrast with your outfit.

To choose a complimenting piece, consider choosing an accessory that has a pop of color that is mimicked in the outfit, belt or shoes, but isn’t the overall color scheme of the entire outfit.

This example shows a really great color combination, where colors from the statement necklace and the cute tribal cardigan compliment each other perfectly, pulling the look together and adding a bold piece that you can’t take your eyes off of.

statement necklace and tribal cardigan


In contrast, this combination of statement accessories gives a plain white top a bright and interesting pop of color.

statement necklace with white top


Show off Your Statement:

Finally, making sure that your outfit showcases your statement pieces in the most flattering and eye catching way possible is important.  Pay attention to the neckline of your blouse or dress and choose a necklace style and length that works with the dimensions.

When wearing bracelets or watches pay attention to the length of your sleeves.  You’ll get the most bang out of your accessory if it’s not partially covered.

When decorating your lobes, consider pulling your hair back or wearing it in a messy bun or braid to show off your bling.

neckline cheat sheet

Daytime Looks

Statement accessories are easy to wear during the day, and can jazz up your office attire by creating a fun focal point in your outfit.

We love this look from Samantha Busch  where she dresses up her black jacket with a thick, chunky necklace that compliments the deep plum of her slacks.

Samantha Busch


PopSugar did an amazing job covering New York Fashion Week, and their piece on the accessory street style has us drooling.  We absolutely love this crisp white shirt combined with these amazing nautical statement pieces, and can’t think of a better way to give your style a pop during the daytime.

white shirt combined with nautical statement piece


We also loved this Edie Parker clutch, and thought the yellow pop of color not only coordinated perfectly with the bohemian theme in this outfit, but appreciated that the bag was as happy as the color.

Edie Parker clutch


Evening Looks

Incorporating statement pieces into your evening look is easy, and you can take your style to a whole new level of elegance with the right piece.

One of our favorite combinations is a maxi dress with a necklace, like we see here from Lauren Conrad featured on  In this combo, the necklace adds a fun youthful vibe, and keeps the look casual but still appropriate for evening.

lauren conrad statement


We also adore lace and pearls, and Fashion Mio nails a beautiful look that’s perfect for evening when they combine a lace top with draped strands of pearls, and a big chunky menswear inspired watch.  Lovely, and bold.

fashionmio pearl


Finally, there’s no better way to update your classic little black dress than with some bold statement accessories.  We love this flirty look with a little color and sparkle at the neckline, and a gorgeous stand out clutch to finish.

little black dress  statement


More Inspiration

There are tons of fashionistas who get it right, and if you’re looking for other great guides to create your ultimate signature style using statement jewelry and accessories, check out this great article from StyleIt, or peruse Pinterest for more inspiration.

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