Sparkle Sparkle Little Star: How to Sparkle from Head to Toes (Hint: Swarovski)

Sparkle Sparkle Little Star: How to Sparkle from Head to Toes (Hint: Swarovski)

Enter any showgirl’s atelier (or living room) across the globe and there’s something you’re inevitably going to find – on shoes, lingerie, clothing and probably dotted around on the floor… Swarovski crystals. There’s something indescribably glamorous about glitter and sparkle – a touch of it on even the most plain of outfits can transform you from a wallflower into an extrovert.

Swarovski heroines

Dita Von Teese, arguably one of the most dedicated glamour-pusses on the planet, is reknowned for her Swarovski crystalled costumes – from shoes, to fans to corsets and pasties – she doesn’t shy away from bedazzling everything with her acts costing between $50-100,000 to produce. So worth it, though.

Women wearing Swarovski crystalled costume\

Swarovski crystalled high heels

Loung in style

We love to support the British Burlesque scene too, and so many of our home-grown girls like to get busy with the crystals. Buy a little slice of pure wickedness from ‘loungerie’ designer Betty Blue, the crystallised Nell Robe is absolutely exquisite and hand-made in the UK. Sheer opulence!


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

You don’t have to be a showgirl to get a little (or a lot) of sparkle into your life, though. Diamond jewellery is worth every penny because of how glamorous it looks AND feels. Harrods carries some amazing pieces by British designer Stephen Webster that are awesomely modern, thorns set with pavé diamonds.

thorns set with pavé diamonds

Faux real

They also carry some truly convincing simulations, by Carat. You would never know these sparkling solitaires weren’t the real deal.


Accessorise with shine

More a fan of statement pieces? A glittering accessory to take out to equally glittering occasions are just a must-have for any woman (who appreciates glitter). We can’t even pick our favourite of our Swarovski clutch bags as they’re all so brilliant (pun intended), but if you forced us, we would say that today, it’s the golden moon shape that perfectly suits the early autumn in both colour and mood. A crystalline Harvest Moon, if you will. Just stunning, if we say so ourselves (we do).


Everyday sparkle

Finally, for those who can’t stretch to diamonds or even Swarovski, here are some alternative ways to add a bit of sparkle into your every day. How about some dazzling diamanté lashes to wear out on the town? These ones by Shu Uemura at Harrods are pretty bling – divine.


Or, for a final finishing touch that works for daytime but comes alive after dark, go for glitter on your nails – Liberty carry the amazing Essie in Carnival, subtle flecks of iridescence for high glamour all the way!


In summary, we believe that we all sometimes need to add a dash of sparkle into our lives, and these suggestions will help with that. Let us know of any other beautiful, shiny things you lovely readers find out there!

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