Lifestyle: The Jet Setter

The style, life and attitude of the quintessential Jetsetter is what inspired this timeless collection. Each piece is designed with the intent of keeping up the Glam no matter how far away from home (& from your closet) you may find yourself.

Catering for the need of the numerous voyageurs of the world, GC presents luxurious accessories for the wardrobe of the modern nomade.

Are you a Jet Setter?

The life of a Jetsetter is for many an ideal fantasy. Being able to travel the world on a whim makes the Jetsetter ‘your most-well travelled friend.’ The one whose ‘been there’ and ‘heard of that’ 2 months or even 2 years before it reached your home town. She is the one with great taste, and all the connections on where to go, what to do when your there and of course what to wear.

However being a Jetsetter is not only about frequent travelling – Its all about the attitude.

The JS collection allows any and all JetSetters to ‘travel light’. With necklaces, earrings and bijou clutches all within a more than reasonable budget, wearing GC accessories will allow you to maintain your sophistication while leaving all stress behind.

Make an impact without worrying too much about the security factor that is involved when travelling with real jewels. Dealing directly with the artisans GC promises to offer products of only the highest quality, allowing you to be glamorous anytime, anywhere.

To understand more behind the story weaved in ever piece, the Chronicles of a JetSetter allows you to come along the escapades and explore the scenes that brought the JS collection to life. From places to people, come along to discover the tale that lies behind the choice of vibrant colours and dazzling stones. 

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