Glam Guide to Wearing Pearls to a Wedding

Glam Guide to Wearing Pearls to a Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, and while most brides are all about the dress, the truly fashionable know just how to incorporate classy and cultured accessories into their big day to make a big impact. There’s no better way to bring your signature style into your wedding accessories then through pearl wedding jewelry.

With so many styles and types of pearl wedding jewelry and accessories to choose from, wedding pearls aren’t just for the bride. Whether you’re the bride to be, in the wedding party, or a VIP on the guest list, there are options for you to compliment your carefully chosen outfit.

We’ve already told you everything there is to know about pearls and pearl necklaces, and here we’ll share with you awesome ways to work pearls into your wedding wear.


Match your Wedding Pearls to the Style of your Dress

bridal necklace choker pearls

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Pearls have been popular throughout history, adorning everyone from Cleopatra to British royalty, to 1920’s flappers, and some of today’s biggest stars through couture lines like Chanel. Different types of pearls have a different stylistic “feel,” and true trendsetters would match their accessories to create an amazing overall look.

For example, the rare but extremely beautiful look of the Natural Pearl, with its natural asymmetric lines, has a distinctly vintage feel and is the perfect compliment to a vintage inspired frock.

The more common but no less coveted cultured pearls have an elegant feel, and have been used by designers to create extravagant wedding pearl necklace, pearl wedding bracelet, and even dress designs. Traditional brides can choose from a variety of options in this popular pearl style.

white single strand round freshwater pearl necklace

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Colored pearls add a beautiful pop of detail to any ensemble, and are widely believed to have a more trendy and modern feel. While most brides still wear white to the wedding, a pale blue selection in your wedding pearl jewelry can give you a chic, modern look, and ensure you’re wearing “something blue” as well!


Choose a Wedding Pearl Necklace that Compliments your Neckline

Once you’ve determined the type of strands that match with the overall style of your dress or gown, the next step is choosing a strand that compliments the neckline of your dress.

Necklines for Summer brides

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While there are hundreds of designers and neckline choices to choose from, we’re seeing a lot of strapless, sweetheart, v-neck, and boatneck on the runways for 2015. These gorgeous lines create the perfect framework for pearl accessories.

elie saab wedding dress

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White 5 Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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Brides and guests who choose a strapless style have the largest variety of necklace lengths to choose from. The straight across cut leaves your décolletage bare, and ready for adornment.

Perfect complimentary pieces include the collar, choker or princess lengths, and daring brides might also consider a draping rope or opera length strand. The most important factor is that the necklace falls noticeably above or below the neckline of the dress for maximum impact.



satin strapless sweetheart a line simple wedding dress

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While similar to the strapless neckline in that there is a lot of bare area to work with, the sweetheart neckline requires a very specific accessory to compliment the cut of the dress and enhance it’s natural appearance and beauty.

Look for accessories at the choker or princess length with details or adornments that draw attention to the center of the piece. In the sweetheart cut, attention is drawn to the center of the neckline and the dress, and the accessory should compliment those lines.



V-neck neckline

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V-neck necklines are more popular than ever this year, thanks in part to stunning royalty bride Kate Middleton and her lace section, and brides with hourglass figures or broad shoulders couldn’t be happier. These gorgeous cuts draw attention to all the right places, and the right pearl accessory can put the perfect finishing touch on this modern style.

To enhance this gorgeous cut, choose minimalist accessories. Kate chose to go without, but accessory savvy brides can use this neckline to add a touch of personal style.

Because the neckline is already a bit busy, a gorgeous solitary pearl pendant that falls just between the collar bones is a beautiful compliment. Choose a colored pearl for a modern upgrade and feel.


Boat Neck

pearl necklace wedding dress

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The boat neck neckline is possibly one of the most difficult to accessorize, but fashion savvy brides can rest easy.

While most dresses with this high, wide neckline don’t allow for a beautiful strand of pearls around the neck, this is the perfect opportunity to choose a carefully selected bracelet that compliments the overall style and feel of the gown.

white 8 strand round fresh water pearl bracelet

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Combined with stunning earrings, this look is beautiful and timeless.

No matter how you choose to accessorize on your big day, for centuries stylists and fashion mavens have agreed that pearls are the way to go. With so many options to choose from, whether it’s beautiful classic styles or lengths and pieces with a more modern feel, every bride can be beautiful on their big day with pearls.

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