What we loved in September 2014

What we loved in September 2014

Another month over, autumn has well and truly set in, which is fine if you love knitwear and tights, not so fine if you’re clinging on to crisp cottons and sun-kissed skin. Still – it’s been a bumper month for Fashion, so let’s cast our collective eyes back over the past four weeks so we can tell you what we loved in September.

New York Fashion Week

Fashion month kicked off in the Big Apple. It’s impossible to pick our highlights but we adored Marc by Marc Jacobs’ quirky chic…

New York fashion week

And this lovely candid shot of Victoria Beckham backstage at her own show.

Victoria Beckham backstage at her own show

London Fashion Week

LFW in the historic surrounds of Somerset House are always a sight to behold… mainly because of the fashionistas and top bloggers tottering about on stilettoes and platforms on the ancient cobblestones.

We *could* go through our favourite looks of the weekend, but the most amusing thing that happened was when Vice sent a reporter with instructions to dress as bizarrely as possible on as little money as possible, and most people believed she was a serious blogger (probably).

Vice reporter dressed bizarrely

The Guardian thought that LFW was one of the most ‘normal’ ever, predicting the death of drama in fashion. They may be right – denim jackets and trainers? Really, Burberry.

woman dress in Denim jacket

Paris Fashion Week

We could go on for days about what we loved during PFW – the clothes, the accessories, the celebs, the glamour. But a few things have stood out for us, for all the wrong reasons, possibly.

The Kimye Cleavage incident will stick in our minds forever. Men and women should never go out together with matching décollétés… Kim and Kanye match – it’s just wrong. Just a suggestion.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Match Dress

Karl Lagerfeld led a ‘feminist riot’ along with supermodel Gisele Bundchen at the end of Chanel’s show, which saw some of the models looking a bit sheepish – still, it’s all in the name of fun. But with a serious message.

Karl Lagerfeld led a 'feminist riot

On the fashion side, our favourites were the amazing Elie Saab and the irreverent, fabulous, Jean Paul Gaultier.

fashion show with Elie Saab


Men’s Fashion – The Suitsy

We wouldn’t say this was something we ‘loved’, but we definitely laughed! A man has invented the ‘Suitsy’, a one-piece that looks like a suit. All-in-ones are not practical at all on a day-to-day basis, so we think it’s a pretty terrible idea. Men should wear suits, not onesies that look like suits. Even if it is fairly convincing.

the suitsy

Internationally acclaimed lawyer marries actor

… or so some of the headlines ran! Last but not least, in non-Fashion news, George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin in a glitzy ceremony that left women blubbing across the globe. A very lucky man and a very lucky lady – we wish them all the best on their life together!

George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin

So that was September… we wonder what October can have in store to beat this!

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