What we loved in October 2014 – Fashion round up post

What we loved in October 2014 – Fashion round up post

October was a whirlwind of fabulousness in the fashion world, as always. The fashion blogosphere was also abuzz with autumn chic – it’s a season that divides opion, with opposing sides either mourning the loss of summer sunshine and breezy fabrics, the other faction embracing knitwear, scarves and boots.

High fashion highlights

Caped Crusaders

Vogue championed the cape in mid-October – autumn being THE perfect time of year for this strangely practical but yet impractical item of outerwear. This time of year is pretty much the only time you can wear a cape without either freezing or boiling to death. October was also suspiciously mild this year!

Women in red coat

Death of a legend

Sadly for the fashion world, the legendary Oscar de la Renta passed away on 21st October. We certainly didn’t love the news, but it was a momentous occasion indeed. He will be very sorely missed by us and everyone who appreciates a good gown… his were truly among the most fabulous. We adore this older shot of him with Audrey Hepburn!

Oscar de la Renta and Audrey Hepburn

Beyonce’s bangs

The first lady of Hip Hop got a fringe cut in and it was the talk of the entire internet, from the tabloids to the glossy magazines. Hooray! Sadly, it was definitely more 70s folk rocker than R&B queen, so it didn’t come as a surprise when a couple of weeks later she appeared with a new bob instead.


Halloween happened

We did a post about celebrity Halloween costumes and how awesome they invariably are, and this year was no exception. We’ll guide you towards Vogue’s comprehensive coverage of the best A-list efforts, but special mention must go to the legendary Heiki Klum and her always epically brilliant effort.

Heiki Klum's design

Fuzzy logic

October 2014 will also forever be remembered as the month that colourful faux fur came back into fashion. We’ve already mentioned Shrimps on this blog, but it is literally everywhere since early October. Won’t somebody think of the Muppets?! (We love it really, so very on-trend and fun).


Blog-o-sphere Bytes

Our favourite bloggers have also been busy this month, posting lots of gorgeous seasonal pics and revelling in the cooler weather! Here’s our favourite posts of the last month.

Just Jen

Fashion & lifestyle blogger Jen Allison posted some incredibly beautiful pictures from a trip to Scotland – the autumn leaves just beginning to turn in some of the photos. She’s an awesome photographer, so her blog is always a delight to read.

Scotland landscape photo

Autumn wishes

Popular UK blogger Carrie wrote about autumn footwear on her amazing blog, Wish Wish Wish, in particular Havaianas (the flip flop brand), who also make wellies… who knew?! Well now we do, and if anyone can make rubber boots stylish and desirable, it’s Carrie!

Special Jewelry design

Cute as a button

Canadian -> England transplant Essie Button did a super cute autumn lookbook video on her equally cute blog. We love her, she’s just so fresh-faced!

Essie Button

She does indeed

Kavita from She Wears Fashion is always full of great outfit inspiration. She welcomed October with a monochrome look that we loved – so easy to wear and so stylish!

Kavita from She Wears Fashion

We love Lucie

Lucie channels fall all year round with her fiery locks, but she also rocked a monochrome look at the end of October that wouldn’t look out of place at an A-list party. So fierce!

Lucie from lucieloves.co.uk

So those were our October favourites. Who are your favourite fashion bloggers? We are always on the look out for up and coming stars as well as established ones we might have missed…

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