What We Loved In November 2014 – Fashion Round Up

What We Loved In November 2014 – Fashion Round Up

Just like last month, November had some notable fashion highlights and faux pas that were more than worthy of being covered on on monthly roundup.  From Kanye’s questionable fashion choices to his fiancé “Breaking The Internet,” there was more than enough to keep us busy this month.

Here’s what we were into this month:

Burning Rubber


In the middle of November, the news that men across the world were waiting for was finally announced! The Pirelli Calendar is an institution, and the 2015 version, launched in Milan, stars supermodels from across the globe.

In their full and indeed monthly order, they are Adriana Lima, Natalia Vodianova, Joan Smalls, Candice Huffine, Carolyn Murphy, Anna Ewers, Cameron Russell, Sasha Luss, Karen Elson, Isabeli Fontana, Gigi Hadid and Raquel Zimmerman. Candice Huffine is especially notable though, because she is the first official plus-size model to star in the calendar.

And this year, it was styled by none other than Carine Roitfeld, former editor of Vogue and frequently mentioned on this very blog. She put all the women in sleek fetish-wear and do they ever look amazing!

Behind the Scenes with Candice Huffine. Photo from The Independent.

We Love You Marilyn


The news about an auction of Marilyn Monroe’s love letters also broke on Vogue in November. Exchanges between the former Norma Jeane and her friends and confidantes Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Jane Russell, her third husband Arthur Miller (of My Week With Marilyn movie fame) and notably, those from her second husband Joe DiMaggio.

Marilyn famously married and divorced DiMaggio in the same year. As we write, the auction has been and gone, with the letter from DiMaggio after the starlet asked him for a divorce fetching a cool $78,125!

Marilyn with Joe DiMaggio. Picture from Vogue

30 Years of Birkin


The Hermès Birkin bag turned an incredible 30 years old last month. Elle Magazine reported that Liberty department store, in London’s glittering West End, had opened an exhibition of some amazing, rare, vintage Birkin bags, including the very first ever one, made for Jane Birkin her very self.

Beloved by celebs across the world, owning a Birkin makes you something of a style maven, though as this picture of Kourtney Kardashian proves, it doesn’t make you know what height shoes to pair with your really long trousers. Or maybe she has her high heels in her Birkin?

Kanye Vest


Talking of Kardashians, towards the end of November, Vogue was putting about a rumour that Kanye West was considering leaving the world of music and defecting to fashion. The thing is, as the article itself points out, he’s tried this before, in 2011, but he went back to music. He does seem to have a lucrative side-line in designing trainers.

It’s just that we’re not entirely sure that items designed by a man who pioneered the male cleavage are exactly what we would want in our wardrobes… but he is certainly a man who’s not afraid to push the boundaries. Should be interesting, either way.

Picture from the New York Times

Bottom Breaks Internet


And in a weirdly Kardashian-Coincidence, the last thing we’ll make note of from the fashion world is Kim’s bum, which did exactly what it set out to do and completely broke the internet.

If you don’t know about her Paper Magazine cover, then you must have been living under a rock for a month (or perhaps in the shadow of an enormous moon?).

Man vs Jeans


Last month, the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, reckons she found the perfect jeans. We’re not sure if any of our readers enjoy the thrill of the second-hand hunt – but we do and Leandra certainly does. Mixing and matching high fashion and haute couture with grungy finds is something that not everyone can pull off, but Ms MR manages it with aplomb.

We can’t truthfully say that we always love everything that appears on these hallowed online pages, but we never, ever fail to admire. We’ll let you be the judge of whether these are indeed the perfect jeans, though.

Picture from Man Repeller

Zoella zips it


Hugely popular young Vlogger Zoella has come under huge criticism in the last few weeks and in November (before the various stories broke about her having had – shock and horror – help writing her book), she wrote a very heartfelt post about stopping daily YouTube posts.

With 6 million subscribers to her channel, it’s an immense amount of pressure for a young girl to be under and an amplification of the way lots of today’s younger folk feel in this age of filtered perfectionism. We think Zoella is pretty awesome and inspirational, so we wish her nothing but the best of luck with her book!

5 inches of…Wang?


Sorry for that irresistible innuendo, but the puns around the Alexander Wang and one of our favourite bloggers 5 Inch & Up could not be avoided.

Big fashion news in November was the Wang x H&M collection that hit the stores in the beginning of the month… a collection that was not for mere mortals (because said mortals weren’t going to be the ones queuing from dawn to get it).

Luckily, fashion bloggers provide all the eye candy you need and Ms Sandra was no exception. We loved her photos in her Wang sweater.



We like Fash n Chips​, and not because of the obvious fried foods connotations, but because Christine always does fabulous round-ups of the latest fashion news. Plus, she looks marvellous.

So, we have picked a post featuring the author as our favourite of the month, featuring a deliciously snug looking faux fur stole, Choo boots and even Cèline on her arm. What a seasonal style inspiration!

With such a wealth of fashion news and so many amazing style blogs out there, we are sure to have missed something – if you have any killer moments from last month to share with us, don’t hesistate to let us know! See you soon.

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