The Historical Attraction of Gold and How to Dazzle in it This Year

The Historical Attraction of Gold and How to Dazzle in it This Year

Gold has fascinated us for thousands of years and, sadly for the medieval peasant, its gleaming beauty was exclusive to kings and queens for centuries. Gold (both the colour and the metal) has long been associated with success, achievement and triumph.

Golden hair is prized in many countries (which peroxide sales tend to reflect) and is the exclusive remit of fairytale princesses – it’s the colour of mythical angels, heavenly glows and the light of the sun on a summer’s afternoon. Full of promise, or something.

A golden tan is something highly desirable – the perfect compromise between milky pale and leather handbag. The romance of gold, diamonds and, of course, pearls is something that everyone’s allowed themselves a moment of two of wistful desire about. And gold itself, or Au or Element 79 if you want to be all scientific about it, is also one of the most valuable and stable commodities in the world, as it has always been and probably always will be.

Today, luckily, we don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in our mouths to be able to afford gold jewellery (ironically), and even if bling isn’t your bag (are you feeling ok?), there are myriad other ways to wear gold, from the tasteful to the daring!

Goldeneye, Goldfinger and Golden Lips

Exhibit A: gold makeup. Teni Panosian is an amazing beauty blogger who knows how to achieve the perfect gold smoky eye. We think you could wear this as a daytime look, but then we are fans of dramatic looks. Would be perfect for the evening, especially in the fall. We love!

But why stop at the eyes? Gold lipstick isn’t for the shy and retiring wallflowers at there, you need buckets of sassy attitude to pull it off. But instead of looking like C3PO’s femme-bot cousin by slathering your lips in 24 carat gold leaf, try an ombre effect. Nylon Magazine published a great guide to gold lipstick last year and illustrated it with this stunning ombre lip. It’s not that long until Christmas… try it this party season!

gold lips

And who could forget the ultimate glittering Bond Girl, Jill Masterson in Goldfinger – her character dies from asphyxiation caused by being completely covered in gold body paint… luckily science has proved that it’s not possible to be bumped off in this rather glamorous way. So don’t let the fiction stand in the way of a recreation. Photographer Art Schreiber certainly didn’t when he recreated the famous scene last month, 50 years later!


Maybe save this look for summer costume parties…

…And of Course Dresses and Accessories of Gold

Designers have never shied away from using gold to create dramatic gowns, if you’d prefer to wear the shade than paint your whole body in it (and we don’t blame you this time). One of our eternally favourite designer, the legend Hervé Leger’s metallic gown looks like it’s spun from pure rose gold thread.

Hervé Léger Ellen metallic bandage gown

Coincidentally, we have just the bag for this glorious evening dress! Our glittering black, silver and gold, crystal encrusted clutch bag will make you look like a 24 carat dream, whether you can afford designer threads or make your accessories the focus.


Do you have a precious gold jewellery habit, or do you prefer to adorn yourself in other ways?

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