Must Have Fashion Accessories for Stylish Women (2014 edition)

Must Have Fashion Accessories for Stylish Women (2014 edition)

While style and fashion is always individual and what you wear is your own thing, there are few must have fashion accessories that you should have in your collections. Here’s the list:

A timeless handbag

Forget your Mulberry Alexas and MCM studded backpacks – these flash-in-the-pan purses look so chic for the first few months but quickly date and, at the price, you should be getting a lifetime of style.

Invest in something that has stood the test of time – a Balenciaga Lariat perhaps, the motorcycle-inspired handbag that launched in 2001 and also fits the current penchant for biker chic, it’s both on-trend and timeless.

Or an Hermes Birkin – going strong since Jane Birkin caused its creation in 1984 and probably will be in 2084. Sadly you can’t buy them on, only in shops. So beautifully exclusive. And Jane still carries them!


The perfect ankle boots

Ankle boots are an absolute essential all year round. Whether you’re a devoted pants-wearer or consistently found in skirts and dresses of any length from mini to maxi, the ankle boot goes with everything. Nineties chunky block heels and buckles are painfully en vogue right now – go for a caged gladiator boot you can wear with socks in autumn or a biker style and team it with a floral dress. These Toga boots tick all the boxes! If you’re more a stiletto girl, don’t worry – there’s no chance of the high, slim heel going out of style, ever.  


No one should ever leave the house without sunglasses, winter or summer. Not only are UV rays bad news for our delicate retinas but squinting causes wrinkles! Don’t save them for the sunny months and mornings after overindulgence, keep a pair in your (timeless) handbag, always. It’s instant sunscreen for your eyes (and on that note – never forget to wear sunscreen on your face)! We love a classic cat-eye – Marc Jacobs does it so well.  

Hand fan

In an ideal world, we would never have to use public transport, especially not on a hot day. But sometimes a descent into the underworld is a necessity. As any seasoned public traveller knows, you can enter looking like a serene goddess and emerge rather more dishevelled. Save yourself from the latter by toting a little hand fan. Our favourites are the scented sandalwood ones that are inexpensive and so often used as wedding favours; but paper or lace are perfect too – people might give you the side-eye on the tube but it’s just because they wish they had your ingenuity.  


Pearls have been prized for their luminous beauty since the ancient Egyptian times, though granted Cleopatra was more famous for drinking them than wearing them. But since Roman times, fashionable women (and men!) have been wearing elegant pearl jewellery – two thousand years later our grandmothers dreamed of the day they came of age and received their first string of pearls and could emulate the glamorous starlet of the day. No matter what era you grew up in, from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, all our heroines wore pearls. And, as we showed in or last blog, there’s literally no outfit that a pearl necklace doesn’t complement, from jeans to couture. A must-own for any woman. madonna (image source)  

Amazing lingerie

OK, it’s not strictly a fashion accessory, but every outfit should start with the perfect foundation – lingerie that makes the wearer feel a million dollars (or better, pounds). Wearing brands like Agent Provocateur daily can give a little frisson – Dita von Teese famously said,

“I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath”

but, even more than that, wearing amazing lingerie can make you carry yourself higher, which makes your clothes fit and look better. Everyone can be glamorous, even in casual attire, it’s about attitude and what’s inside.

THE lipstick

Every woman has the perfect shade of lipstick. Whether it’s a red (and there’s one in the kaleidoscope from orange to blue-based shades to suit every skin tone), blush pink, berry or nude and everything in between. Lipstick can be a pick-me up, a treat or an essential… or all three at once. Highly pigmented mattes are the very best for impact and longevity, though a steady hand is needed for application. Lipstick Queen produces the most exquisite lipsticks, with Velvet Rope marrying cutting-edge formulas with vintage-luxe gold casing. Sublime.  

What is your favourite fashion accessory?

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