8 Creative ways you can use single strand pearl necklaces

8 Creative ways you can use single strand pearl necklaces

As everyone knows, pearls are timeless and classic – they never have and never will go out of style. A true investment piece, a single strand pearl necklace can be worn with a myriad of outfits, from casual looks with jeans and jersey basics, all the way to red carpet glamour and everything in between.

To paraphrase the late Jackie Onassis Kennedy in our last blog, pearl necklaces are always appropriate, no matter your age. Here are seven amazing ways to mix it up with a single-strand pearl necklace.

1. Layered style

Leandra Medine aka man repeller

Leandra Medine, aka Man Repeller is one of the biggest fashion bloggers on the planet. We love how she’s layered her pearls with chains of different sizes and pendants, and topped the lot off with a pair of glasses in her typically eccentric style!

2. Pearl tiara

kiss me deadly uses pearls as a hairband

British lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly show how their opulent vintage style pieces go perfectly with a string of pearls… in this case adorning a hairstyle! It gives the impression of a pearl tiara, and as the old saying goes, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory so pretty appropriate all round, we say.

3. Knotted long string

Wearing a knotted long string is something that harks back from the era of the Bright Young Things – the Roaring Twenties. But there’s a reason the look has never gone out of fashion – it doesn’t have to be dressed up with kohl-rimmed eyes and fringing. Use pearls to dress up a crisp white shirt – we love the contrast with the androgynous look of this simply cut piece.

4. Black pearls

Angelina Jolie wearing black pearls

(image source)


Black pearls are darkly sophisticated – they should most definitely be saved for elegant occasions. It is obviously is a bonus if you have the exquisite bone structure of Angelina Jolie, but she perfectly demonstrates how simple, classic makeup (the red lip and winged, liquid eyeliner) and neat but unostentatious hairstyle sets off a single strand of pearls and matching earrings to perfection.


 5. Knotted string pearls

We mentioned the Roaring Twenties already, but here is a thoroughly modern take on the flapper look that we just adore. Blogger Diya gets the fringing on her skirt just right but with a very 21st century length and sheer jacket keeping it right up to date. The knotted string of pearls is offset nicely by the layered pearl bracelets in different shades.


 6. Doubled up

Pearls may have a reputation for being demure, but they don’t have to always live up to it. A long necklace doubled up can set off racy lace lingerie, and when put together with tattoos, there’s a beautiful contrast – edgy subculture meets classic style.


7. Short pearl necklace

Zooey Deschanel is the poster child for quirky girls everywhere, but she certainly scrubs up beautifully. At last year’ Golden Globes, she shone in crimson Oscar de la Renta but her simple and unfussy hair and an understated short pearl necklace and matching bracelet let the stunning dress speak for itself. Zooey, you are gorgeous!

8. Plain and simple

Of course, we couldn’t finish without a little reminder of how perfectly pearls go with wedding attire. What better way to set off pure silk and chiffon than a simple, single string of pearls? Even better if they’re an heirloom… whether passed down or bought brand new to become one in future decades.


Whether you have your grandmother’s pearls languishing in a jewellery case or have been thinking about investing in a string of your own, seize the day and put them on! Own your style, whether in denim or Oscar-worthy gowns.

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