7 fashion infographics we’ve loved so far in 2014

7 fashion infographics we’ve loved so far in 2014

It’s no secret that we’re dedicated to all things fashion and style here at Glam Confidential, but readers may be surprised to learn we also adore a bit of great graphic design too. These two things are perfectly combined in these fabulous fashion infographics from across the globe.


1. Women at the Oscars: 22 Years 220 Dresses

Nothing is more glamorous than a red carpet occasion, and the Oscars has to top the list. This classy infographic from US network Dish has compiled all the silhouettes, colours, designers, and hairstyles from the Academy Awards from 1990-2011.

Women at the Oscars: 22 Years 220 Dresses
Via: USDish.com


2. Best actress Academy Award winners gowns

This more simple Oscars infographic simply has every gown worn by every Best Actress award winner since 1929!

The Dresses Worn By All The Best Actress Oscar Winners

Courtesy of: Mediarun


3. The Chart of Famous EyeWear

From Victoria Beckham’s Aviators to Lady Gaga’s visor, this compendium of the universe’s most famous glasses almost makes us wish we didn’t have 20-20 vision!

famous eyewear in the world of fashionBy: PopChartLab


4. History of fashion week

London Fashion Week 2014 is nearly upon us, kicking off in just over a fortnight. Ahead of what may be the most glorious event of the year for any style aficionado, this history of global Fashion Weeks is awesome.

The History of Fashion Week


5. How to spot face fashion

And from the sublime to the ridiculous – the couture to the counterfeit – fake fashion is a blight on the luxury goods market. If you’re worried about being able to spot fake goods, check out this guide by Farfetch.

how to spot fake fashion infographic

Found on: Londonisthereason.com


 6. All the shoes worn by Carrie Bradshaw

Few shows are as iconic as Sex And The City, and whether you coveted Carrie’s wardrobe or simply appreciated its diversity, there’s no denying the shoes were in a league of their own. This poster of 50 of the most fabulous shoes of the series is the perfect homage.

all shoes worn by Carrie Bradshaw

By: PopChartLab


7. The shape of a century

Curves go in and out of style – what might have been a perfectly fashionable figure in one decade changes over the years – sometimes drastically! We can all dress to flatter our shapes though, and this great infographic shows how desirable body shapes have morphed in the last century.

what's hot through the century

Via:  Infographicsdirectory

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